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At Glam Studio, we believe in simplifying your day to day facial routine. our mini facials consist of fine exfoliants ,natural masks, that leaves your skin with an instant glow. Incorporating non-invasive devices to intensify the results will leave your skin fully rejuvenated. Ask about our selection of natural masks and skincare treatments during your brief consultation with our Glam licensed estheticians.  

Glam Signature Facial (30min) $35

This facial uses advanced products and techniques to strengthen and restructure the skin. Customized exfoliants enhance cell renewal, while our cutting-edge facial devices infuse a cocktail of nano-stimulating serums and antioxidants, followed by a mask recommended by your skin expert. This facial procedure is fully customized to your skin’s needs.
  •  Face Mask $25
    • Gold
    • Collagen
    • Vitamin C
  • Chemical Peels $50
  •  ( We offer mild to medical grade peels)
    • Mandelic/Salicylic Peel ( for dark skin tones)
    • TCA Peel (medical grade) 
    • Enzyme Peel (All skin Types)
  • Eye & Lip Collagen Treatments $10
  • Photorejuvenation  
  •  ( LED Light Therapy)
    • Minimize fine lines,wrinkles, heal acne and collagen stimulant
  • Skin Tag/Mole Removal
    • Safe Non invasive method used to remove skin lesions, (moles, warts, skin tags and more) without scarring
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