Glamor Brows


Beautiful Vibrant Brows That Glow

The brows creates a balance of our facial symmetry. With our state of the art technique adopted from the best and different parts of the world, we are able to reach perfection in your brow look whether it’s natural and soft, strong and bold, or any shape in between our measurements are tailored to every client

Signature Brow (30min) $35

 Signature Brow provides a full assessment of the eyebrow. Your glam brow specialist will perform a full measurement to ensure that both brows are perfectly even, the shaping of your brows will begin with identifying your face shape, the size and shape of your face features that play a big role in determining the brow shape. In addition, details such as hair color, skin tone, brow thickness, and even personality traits will help in creating that perfect brow that will stay with you forever. Techniques such as waxing, tweezing, tinting or makeup fill in are included in this service based on your glam specialist recommendations.

This service is set for 20-30min for an assessment, consultation and full brow shaping.


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