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Our Mission

At Glam Studio we celebrate creating magic every day. We specialize in face features creating a perfect balance using the world’s greatest techniques with combining ancient wisdom and latest technology. We understand what women of all ages and cultures want and that is to look in the mirror every time and like what we see, it’s that simple with us, women. Our mission at Glam Studio is to transform looks giving the best quality with stellar customer service tailoring to every client’s beauty needs.

Our Glam Squad is consisted of licensed specialists of different backgrounds, both professional and cultural. The standards for becoming a part of our professional squad are high and require to fully understand skin tones, hair structure, cosmetic ingredients, latest trends, and how to tailor to individual beauty needs. We take pride in creating Glam Techniques that create high standards for serving clients in the Beauty Industry and strive to improve and add more service option to choose from every day.

Our Beliefs

G – gift our guests with the best experience 
L – love what we do, and we do what we love
A – appreciate our clients’ loyalty
M – making sure to celebrate beauty every day 

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